Sony BDP-S185 Review

Sony BDP-S185 is a great blu-ray player for you who need host a lot of streaming video. The noise reduction feature will make you enjoying home videos with clear images on your HDTV.


Before you decide to buy Sony blu-ray player, let me show the specification, cons and pros about this product.

Sony bdp-s185 Specs:

1. Blu-ray power : 60 Hz, 120V

2. Full HD 1080p Playback

3. Dolby True HD Audio

4. Energy Star 2.0 standards

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Sony BDP-S185 Cons

This DVD blu-ray does not have WiFi built in, so you must have an Ethernet cable for connect to the internet.


Sony BDP-S185 player Pros

1. Small size design

2. Many video streaming services installed.

3. Afforadable price

4. Easy to set up

5. Auto update for the latest apps

6. Electric power consumption for reduced during both use and standby mode.

7. This blu-ray player has more than 150 customer reviews from amazon.

Overall, I hope you happy with this Sony bdp-s185 playerClick HERE to see what customers say about this poduct.