Samsung Galaxy Tab Wifi with 16GB Internal Memory

The Samsung Galaxy Tab  WiFi is fully integrated with services like YouTube and Google Maps you can search, view, and easily download any of the thousands of great apps ready for use on Android Market. It’s bringing you great speed and performance for browsing Adobe Flash Player compatible sites. Samsung Kie‘s software makes transferring pictures, videos and music easy with less technical people. The front-facing camera is ideal for video chat. The Tab makes creating and sharing images and video fast and portable with its two cameras. The rear-facing 3 MP camera with flash captures video and images that can be edited and shared. Samsung Galaxy tab WiFi
Samsung Galaxy Tab
with 16GB Internal Memory can access the Cyberspace and apps anywhere there is an available hotspot. The sleek and lightweight design is small enough to fit in your pocket and the striking 7″ screen delivers brilliant viewing quality. Samsung’s Media Hub app brings your favorite entertainment to the samsung galaxy tab. The app is pre-loaded for instant access to a broad selection of movies and TV shows that you can rent or purchase. Videos will start playing while they download so you can enjoy your program without waiting.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Cons

Accessories are a bit pricey low battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Tab WiFi Pros :

the size is perfect to keep in my bag. It runs all the apps same as my Droid. Cameras coming and going Cool design Lightweight and easy to use The freedom of Android and I believe for the price and what you get its a great deal.

Overall, The Samsung Galaxy Tab is truly an awesome tablet at a great price 🙂

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