Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 Unlocked GSM Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S II i9100  Touchscreen has an awesome screen with high contrast, perfect blacks, looks good in direct sunlight without the ugliness that was PenTile. Here, you just get the bright, popping colors  and at 4.3 inch, it’s a pleasure to look at from any distance.

The resolution is still 800 x 480, though. Wish they’d up to it to match iPhone.

Samsung  Galaxy S 2 i9100 is very light and fairly thin in. Android wasn’t kidding when they stressed that point. Considering the size of this thing, it’s very hard to believe. When you put the phone into someone else’s hand for the first time, they usually are confused because they expect it to feel more solid, and not so featherweight and good if you wear your phone in the pocket of your pants.

Samsung Galaxy S II Unlocked GSM Smartphone with 8 MP Camera, Android OS, 16 GB Internal Memory, Touchscreen, Wi-Fi

UI is buttery smooth, with no hiccups that are common on all other android phones I’ve seen. Not sure if it’s Samsung’s new powerful GPU (Exynos), software optimizations that they did, or a combination of both, but overall this thing is just as slick as iPhone 4. It can be rooted, and custom ROMs already exist. It’s no signed boot loaders or other similar malarkey.

Samsung Galaxy S II‘  i9100 comes with Android 2.3. That means better performance, WiFi tethering/hotspot out of the box, and the ability to tilt and rotate the map in Google Maps among other things.

When it comes to the internet, this phone supports 21,1 Mbps HSPA+ speeds, so downloads are amazingly fast. This is another area where it blows my old iPhone 3G out of the water. Downloading apps feels the almost instantaneous and web pages load very quickly. You might want to check if your area is covered by 4G, as coverage isn’t that extensive.

It supports blazing fast downloads, has a stunning 4.3″screen powered by Super AMOLED Plus technology, and with two 1.2 GHz processors, it can handle any workload that throws at it and has a great micro SD card slot for all those gigabytes of music.

This Unlocked GSM Smartphone comes with Polaris office too. It is a very nice android office suite – from what I’ve seen so far, more full-featured than Quic Quick Office, Docsto Go, especially when it comes to supporting advanced MS Office features such as charts. It cannot be purchased from the market, and only comes bundled with select devices, such as this one or Asus Transformer.

Samsung  Galaxy S 2  i9100 Unlocked GSM Smartphone is excellent, and I’m very happy with my purchase. Its a real upgrade over my old iPhone 3G.

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