Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250 Specifications

Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250 is leading android device ever, because we get ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’; the latest version of Android with instant updates from Google. Users have grown to despise carrier/OEM UI skins, and their accompanying OS updates delays.
The Android 4.0 UI is a huge upgrade and functions much better, making such a carrier/OEM skin even less desirable.
The program seems to have been reworked from the ground up for smooth, responsive operation. Transitions are slick, and apps run great.
Samsung Galaxy Nexus,Samsung Galaxy s2 I9250
This samsung galaxy nexus  hasn’t released in the USA yet, but this absolutely great phone and a strong showing of Google’s Android.
I haven’t had app compatibility issues some others have mentioned; some games haven’t been updated for 4.0 yet but most apps work fine. The whole experience is leaps and bounds over any prior version of Android. 4.0 seems made for this phone and works perfectly.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250 Pros :

1. This android is very cool: slightly contoured, thin but not too thin, more rigid than other Samsung Android device’s thanks to the internal metal frame
2. Large, bright, detailed screen.
The screen uses a pen tile-matrix configuration, but the samsung galaxy nexus
pixel density is so good that you really can’t notice unless you look very closely and even then it’s difficult to tell.
The blacks melt into to the bezel beautifully, and the colors pop.
3. If you get the unlocked GSM version, it works on any GSM network in the world with up to 21 Mbps HSPA + speeds.
4. Everything in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus OS works great: music controls on earphones, Wifi hotspot, built-in equalizer, Bluetooth tethering, Bluetooth HID, battery and bandwidth monitoring.
5. The device is easy to take apart and OEM parts are popping up on ebay, so if you break something or something stops working, you can fix it relatively easily and cheaply.
6. Thanks to having a single worldwide GSM model, there are plenty of compatible accessories available already.
7. The samsung galaxy nexus touch screen sensitivity is great.
8. Battery life seems pretty good for an android device.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250 Cons:
1. It’s required of an SD card slot and only 16GB of internal memory.
2. Screen auto-brightness is set too low.

Overall, this nexus is quick, clean and beautifully integrates with everything. If you like Android, you decide to love this ‘Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250 series’, and you won’t be able to go back to anything.

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