Hands-On with Sony SMP-N200

Sony really is bringing out all the guns, big or small, at the IFA 2011 trade show, as it looks like it even presented a network media player known as Sony SMP-N200, one that already has a product page.

The thing about international trade shows is that they always get IT companies from all over the world convening in the same place.

On this particular occasion, it is in Berlin, Germany, that they have gathered, and Sony, naturally did not miss it.

One of the things available for examination at Sony’s booth is the SMP-N200, something that qualifies as a network media player.

The item’s primary function is to play multimedia from a variety of sources, including, but not limited to, the Internet.

While YouTube and other services are nice enough, the device extends its usability into the implicit realm of network streaming.

What this means is that it can access any PC and stream videos, music and pictures, while the WiFi technology even lets it do this without cable hassles.

What’s more, the same SMP-N200 has a USB port as well, meaning that he can directly access storage devices like hard drives (HDDs), flash drives, etc.

For customers that want something capable of operating independently, the SMP-N200 can work without a PC, as it has its own web browser and menu system.

Finally, Sony says the media player can start up very fast and can be controlled by a smartphone, should one so desire.

Those who want to get this thing and use it to turn any TV into an Internet TV will have to wait until Sony actually reveals pricing and availability details. all other information about SMP N200 player, click here.