New Hot Lenovo’s Netbook Appearance

Glowing red colors can certainly make anyone who sees the latest Lenovo netbook, and it will be blown away. Color selection and brave but charming was first present in the netbook Lenovo.

In addition to glowing red, netbook Lenovo fourth generation that comes in a choice of three colors. The colors also look brave and gallant is a bright blue color, Two other Lenovo colors, including conservative, i.e. black and white.
The entire chassis of the Lenovo S10 is positioned to replace the S100-3 it’s not shiny so fast not by grubby fingerprints trail hand holding it. Rhombus pattern adorning the entire upper body outside and inside. The exception is in the frame of the LCD screen of her plain-looking.
In addition to its appearance impressed bolder, at first glance nothing many changes S100 comparison S101-3. For example, maintained on Webcam resolution 0.3 mega pixels. Its screen was fixed 10.1 “with a resolution of 1024 × 600, three USB 2.0 ports in the left side and right side of the netbook, along with a VGA port and a LAN port. Memory Card Slot cover appeared on the side without a future.

For wireless features, present Bluetooth 2.1 and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n. stylish chiclet Keyboard S100 not unlike belonged to the earlier series, the S10-3. The Keyboard that is 98% full-sized keyboard standard.

So what’s the difference, in addition to the appearance of color casing? Hmm, turns out to be the first netbook Lenovo S100 is using dual-core processors, Intel Atom N570.
However, in the meantime, the Consumer 4 p & Product Manager says that Lenovo which was featured in the Intel Atom N475 processor. Memory can support up to 2 GB (DDR3), and comes with a 320 GB hard disk. Later hard disks will be upgraded to 500 GB.

Another interesting thing is the price. Lenovo S100 that weigths 1000 grams with thickness below 1 inch and the battery Li-Ion 6-cell will be released at a price from $280. The price is not yet included OS Windows 7 Home Starter.