for Samsung 32" Class J5205 J5003 22" H5000 Full LED

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Sometimes, I might share other related magipea goods that I found on popular marketplace. Today, we're also dealing with for Samsung 32" Class J5205 J5003 22" H5000 Full LED Smart HDTV Monitor TV Adapter Charger Power Cord Supply 19V AC DC 8.5Ft from trusted merchant.
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Many reasons exist for of why you should consider choosing this Cool for Samsung 32" Class J5205 J5003 22" H5000 Full LED Smart HDTV Monitor TV Adapter Charger Power Cord Supply 19V AC DC 8.5Ft, lets see some features of this magipea item:
  • 【Reference Compatible Models Compatibility】- Samsung 32" Class J5205 J5003 22" H5000 Full LED Smart HDTV A6619_FS UN32 J4000AGXZD UN22 H5000 UN32 J4000 UN32 J4000AFXZA UN32-J4000AF UN32-J400DAF UN32-J5205 UN32-J4000AF UN32-J400DAF UN32-J4500AF UN22 H5000 UN32 J4000 UN32 J4000AF UN32 J4000AFXZA UN32 J4000AGXZD UN32 J400DAF UN32 J4500AF UN32 J5205 UN32 J5205AF UN32 J5205AFXZA UN32 J525DAF

  • 【Durable Design】 - Design with overcharge module, providing a safe and durable power charger for your devices.
About the product:
MAGIPEA is aiming at providing the best replacement power charger cord for your device. It's compatible with Samsung OEM device with extended 8.5 Ft. long cord for your better use.

Rated Parameters:
Cord Length: 8.5Ft
Input: AC100 - 240V~1.5A 50/60Hz
Output: DC19V - 2~4A

Reference Compatible Models:
22" 32" HDTV TV LCD LED Plasma DLP Monitor TV MODELS:
UN32J4000AGXZD UN22H5000 UN32J4000 UN32J4000AFXZA BN44-00835A UN32J4000AF UN32J400DAF UN32J5205 UN32J4000AF, UN32J400DAF, UN32J4500AF UN32J4000 UN32J4000AGXZD UN22H5000 UN32J4000, UN32J4000AFXZA BN44-00835A UN32J4000AF UN32J400DAF UN32J5205, UN32J4000AF, UN32J400DAF, UN32J4500AF, A4819-FDY, BN44-00835A, A5919_FSM , BN44-00838A, A6619_FS, BN44-00837A, BN44-00886A, UN32J4000, UN32J400D, UN32J4500, UN32J5003, UN32J5205, UN32J525D, Samsung A4819-FDY UN32J UN22H
Samsung J4000 Series :
UN32J4000, UN32J4000AF, UN32J4000AFXZA, UN32J4000AGXZD
Samsung J4500 Series :
UN32J4500, UN32J4500AF, UN32J4500AFXZA
Samsung J400D Series :
UN32J400D, UN32J400DAF, UN32J400DAFXZA
Samsung J5003 Series :
UN32J5003, UN32J5003AF, UN32J5003AFXZA
Samsung J5205 Series :
UN32J5205, UN32J5205AF, UN32J5205AFXZA
Samsung J525D Series :
UN32J525D, UN32J525DAF, UN32J525DAFXZA
Samsung P/N : A4819-FDY, BN44-00835A, A5919_FSM, BN44-00838A, A6619_FS,..

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