Cheap Sony 8 GB MP3 Player

Cheap Sony 8 GB MP3 Player with high resolution 2.0 Inch color LCD display, has great quality of sound for music lovers, great video quality and easy to use.
I decide to purchase after a three months researching of MP3 players, because the cheap Sony 8 GB MP3 Player provides many great features available. This device included 3 different sizes of ear buds for each of the 2 earphones included with great Bluetooth wireless earphones.


Cheap Sony 8 GB MP3 Player Cons:
When using the wireless earphones, we can’t listen to the FM radio because Sony mp3 player uses the headphone cord as an antenna 🙂

Cheap Sony 8 GB MP3 Player Pros :

1. It is a Sony Wireless MP3 Player and the Bluetooth has great function although you work in a 1500sqft.
2. Sony NWZS764BLK has a good price
3. Comparison: this sony mp3 player is much better than Sandisk Sansa MP3 player and smaller than an Ipod Nano.
4. Include software for podcast subscriber
5. Comfortable ear buds
6. Easy to put music on the mp3 player
7. Great battery life with up to 50 hours
8. Multiple audio format and video playback

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