Cheap Kodak Mini Video Camera with 2 GB SD Card

This Kodak Mini Video Camera easily slides to carry in pocket, travel bag or your skinny jeans.
You can see what your recording from this 1.8″ screen, its little enough not to use too much power.
It’s sort of weird in that the door opens at an angle. The USB plug is held by a tiny sliding button.

waterproof kodak mini video camera

This Cheap Kodak Mini Video Camera with 2 GB micro card included is easy to use, turns on and begins recording quickly.
With one touch, the Kodak Mini captures all the highlights, and the pop-out USB arm makes it really simple to share on YouTube and Facebook.

You can transform video frames into amazing photos with your great video software. I don’t take a lot of pictures, but this is easy and fun to have to take pics of my cousin and my cat. I have used it all week and haven’t had to charge it. The picture quality was much better than I expected. Viewed on a 42″ HD TV the picture was fantastic.
cheap mini cameras

Kodak Mini Video Cameras Cons

  1. images are blurry and orangery in low light.

Kodak Mini Video Cameras Pros

  1. Waterproof camcorder
  2. Easy to carry
  3. 2GB MICRO SD Memory Card included
  4. No external batteries required with great battery life
  5. Easy to use it takes good video compatible with MAC or PC
  6. Cheap prices
  7. Capture your craziest days with no worries 🙂

Overall, I’m really happy with it. I would suggest it to everyone.

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