ASUS Meego EeePC X101-EU17-BK 10.1-Inch Netbook

I’ve used this Asus EeePC Netbook for about per month now, so I thought I’d give initially my impression of the device to assist future buyers come up with a informed decision.

To begin purchasing a netbook had not been my first choice, as I already have a 17″ Toshiba laptop. However recently an associateOrother grad student of mine purchased an Ipad and was showing rid of it. Out of jealousy I made the decision to acquire a tablet too, but after reading about the subject online, got diverted to buying a netbook instead.
ASUS Meego Eee PC 1001PXD-EU17-BK 10.1-Inch Netbook (Black)
I desired a traveling with a laptop device(since i have walk or bike to college, mall, downtown etc, and a 17″ laptop is just too big heavy) which to test mail do minor document editing, maybe play a casino game or too. Therefore a netbook seemed a nicer, more productive alternative than a tablet. You now have in mind the reason I got myself this permit me to get to the advantages and disadvantages with the Asus netbook.

ASUS Meego Eee PC X101-EU17-BK 10.1-Inch Netbook Pros

1.It life. Currently I’m able to squeeze between three or four hours out of the battery. However this lowers because the battery ages.

2. I installed Ubuntu Linux Distro about it and everything worked with no additional work.

3. Asus Manufacturer. Asus is the most reliable company with regards to making laptops. It even tops Apple in reliability(really! google it), even though all laptops are produced by Foxxcon(?).

4. Its light and small. I had created a HP mini back in 2008(that i gave to my sister) and it was a minimum of 35 % more weighty. The Asus could possibly fit into my jacket pocket. I feel that it is easier and much less delicate to transport than a tablet.

5. Colors. I prefer the colour choices that are included with netbook. I went for your blue one.
6. The hardware looks like it’s robust. I’ve watched movies online, while editing office documents inside them for hours 7-10 tabs open in firefox along with the laptop worked well. However I’m aiming to upgrade the total RAM to at the very least 2GB.
There have been also issues that Some like about the netbook.

ASUS Meego Eee PC X101-EU17-BK 10. 1-Inch Netbook Cons

1. Windows 7.
The windows may be the one really bad addition to this netbook. Don’t do not understand, I enjoy windows 7, just don’t just like the version installed here. With only 1 GB of RAM, windows begins to get sluggish very quickly rather than Ubuntu. When you are planning to utilize this, I suggest you buy additional RAM to run Windows 7 (even starter) for this machine or do because i did, use a Linux Distro.

2. The Keyboard. They call it the Chiclet keyboard and I feel it is small, for a netbook of the size. When I mentioned earlier I had created a HP mini before and contains a much better, roomier Keyboard than this place. The keys also create a “springy” sound that I don’t like. It reminds me somehow in the old IBM keyboards. It is difficult but eventually one gets utilized to typing about this netbook.
3. Audio input/output. The audio input and output are using it . hole. So I am unable to use my mic whenever I must skype. Along with the internal mic is way too weak, to ensure I must retain the netbook screen alongside my face to talk. Must purchase a mic/earphone in a combo thing.

4. The power plug. I am that this power plug and outlet inside the netbook are simply too fragile and would snap with a bit stress. And since I use this device on my lap so when I’m in bed also, Personally i think I need to be careful to avoid bending the EeePC energy plug.

I am hoping this will aid your reader come up with a better decision on the purchase.

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